Saturday, November 05, 2005


Yesterday Software Engineering and Business of Software were excellent as usual. In SE, we discussed testing. Definitely a wide range of experience in the room in that field. In BS, we discussed Open Source, which is of great interest to me as that is the focus of my team at work.

However, I have to say that the highlight of the entire day was Calfboy. 's presentation which pertained to venture capitalists and open source. During this presentation, he used the term incestuous to refer to the VC's. If it wasn't for having a friend on the team and for them not having a proper Q&A session, I had a question all prepared about exactly why the VC's would be incestuous with their cohorts

This same "person" likes to speak about the 90's as though he is of a ripe old age; a tired, wise old man who survived the dotcom bubble--poor, yet maintaining a subtle dignity (yes, let's all cough "bullsh*t" right now). He made several comments about "when he was in Silicon Valley" and all the startups he joined. Hysterical. I could hear numerous giggles from behind me, so of course was laughing myself.

Luckily, the rest of the class was really excellent. We had a guest lecturer who led us through a discussion of the Red Hat case study. Prof C then closed with some final words about Open Source. Good stuff.

Today, my parents came into town, and we walked over to Filene's Basement with a quick stop at Boston Beerworks for lunch. At the Basement, we picked up lots of cool Pats gear, as well as a sweater and purse for me (yes, I have shopping issues. We all know this).

It was lucky we bought so much clothes. On the way home, we put on pretty much everything we got as the weather got colder. We went through Haymarket, the North End, then home. Yay!

Now I am watching NC State-FSU (go, State!), blogging, and getting ready for a night on the town =)


Mane the Mean said...

Is MITRE open-sourcing its military SW? Would be in line with the use of mercenaries by the Army in Iraq.

Ilana said...

MITRE may open source some of its code, though most likely not all. My group here is all for the open-sourcing of a variety of components. Just hard to find the time to do it....