Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Class and hoops

Today I came closer than ever to having to leave class from laughing. We had a chat going, and I was bored. Someone suggested I go shopping. I told Yoav to go find me something on eBay. He told me I should go buy something pink.

In the meantime, I had added a powerpoint slide to the lecturer's presentation on my laptop that said in 96-point font,"Hi, Robbie! I'm bored" to try to get Robbie, who was sitting behind me, to laugh. Of course, it almost made me laugh, and he didn't see it at first. So I had to repeat my efforts, by which time I was on the border of really cracking up.

A link from Yoav flashed on my screen, suggesting I buy something pink, this:this.

I completely lost it. I couldn't stop laughing. Whenever I would regain control, I could hear friggin' Yoav laughing which made me start again. I tried the old standby of drinking water, but almost snarfed it, I was laughing so hard. I could hear others giggling behind me. SO BAD. I had to go to CNN.com and read about a puppy being buried alive to make me stop. Tragic, I know. So, Biju, will you be returning to the chat anytime soon? =D

After class, Yoav, Robbie, Sam, Deming, Paul, and I went to play basketball. Again, it was so much fun. Not too many injuries today, though I have a huge black-and-blue mark on my elbow from bringing it down on Sam's head while fighting for a rebound. I thought I had sharp, hard elbows, but apparently Sam's skull is a lot harder.


Cybersam said...

Why am I, once again, the bad guy. :-(

But thank goodness for my hard skull. ;-)

Ilana said...

Awwww...Sam...You RULE! =D

Bomber said...

is it just me or do you injure yourself everytime you run some ball? I'm no medical doctor (although I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night), but maybe you should think of a less dangerous game....like rugby.

Ilana said...

Yes, but I also hurt myself in most every-day situations as well. Might as well throw some elbows while i'm doing it ;)