Monday, November 28, 2005

My iPod is Messing with Me

I just drove from MITRE to MIT for a talk about Air Force system challenges. On the way, I had my iPod on shuffle. Unlike Ed's iPod, mine is not racist, though it certainly has a weird sense of humor. Here is the listing of today's mix:
  • Dartmouth Alma Mater (I, of course, sang along, and it got me all misty)

  • Jump Around (it was a freshman year song...all of a sudden, I'm back in college, dancing around like a mad woman at Chi Gam)

  • Frank Sinatra's Luck be a Lady (skipped most of it--didn't like Sinatra until after Dartmouth so it was ruining my misty, nostalgic mood)

  • It's Getting Hot in Here (song whose related choreography got me cut from the Atlanta Hawks Dance team auditions. It's like my iPod was saying, see where bad dancing gets you? Luck has nothing to do with it!)

  • Ballad of the Red Sox (written and sung when Carl Everett was on the team. Great song)

  • New York Statement of Mind (dude! Why go and ruin the mood?)

  • Hello Mr Heartache (Hmm...when the Dixie Chicks come on, you abandon all hope of meaning)

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