Sunday, November 20, 2005

Girl Talk at Dinner

Tonight Elizabeth and Corey came up to Charlestown to hit Figs for dinner. We had so much fun....1.5 straight hours of nothing but girl talk. I'm not sure the couple to our right enjoyed it quite as much, but we had a blast! It's so nice to hang out just with girls once in a while...the whole near all-male workplace and classes thing is great, but I really miss talking with people exclusively of my own gender. Thanks, girls!


Mane the Mean said...

What kind of talk is girl talk? Is any talk among just girls girl talk? Or does the content, volume, or pitch matter?

Is there the opposite: boy talk? I know that there is bull talk, which is kind of BS (see "On Bullshit", by Frankfurt).

Yoav said...

Corey is a girl?

Ilana said...

Yes, Corey is a girl =)

For an excellent demonstration of girl talk, watch "Sex and the City" on TBS. Pretty much dead on for what we discuss. That's all I am permitted to tell you ;)

Mane the Mean said...

oh, then I know. I have seen all of "Sex and the city" many times over. Not bad at all.

Just imagining the topics of girl talk makes me blush!