Monday, November 07, 2005

Amusing day

Today has been quite an exciting day.

My sister was on TV this morning on a local New York news station. They profiled pregnant women who do pilates to stay in shape. Apparently, she and another woman were the two in the class being profiled. I can't wait to see the video.

Shortly thereafter, Matt L pinged me to let me know I was in the Sloan magazine. Yoav, Robbie, and I had our blogs profiled in this week's Sloan Review. Very exciting =)

Next, my mom had jury duty (okay not so thrilling). However, I went to high school with the plaintiff's lawyer, and my mother made our Halloween costumes senior year. She couldn't wait to be called and tell the judge she had once tranformed the counsel into Fred Flinstone, but she was dismissed without needing an excuse. Funny nonetheless.

OOo! And the studmuffins, my fantasy football team, look like they are going to win this week. I am up by 20 points (63-43) going into tonight. I have Tom Brady and Deion Branch. Dead Larvae (our opponent) has the Indy defense and Patrick Pass, who most likely will not play. Go, 'muffins!

Of course, no matter how exciting today has been for us, it can't possibly compare with the Carolina Panthers cheerleaders. The Daily Quickie has the funniest coverage I have seen yet.

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Yoav said...

I don't think Pass will get on the field, or if he does, it won't be for much. I do think the Indy defense is really good, though. But overall, you'll win -- go StudMuffins!

(BTW, Dead Larvae is a *rockin'* name for a team!)