Thursday, November 24, 2005

Macy's Parade on TV: Stream of Consciousness

My family used to always go to the Macy's Parade on Thanksgiving when we were younger. We re-established the tradition by going the previous two years, though this time we could sit in Eve's neighbor's office. Much nicer.

Today I am watching it on TV, trying to stay behind on my TiVo so I can fast forward through the commentary by Katie Couric.

So far I've seen the Ohio marching band and the Rockettes. Whenever I see

Holy crap! Gordon's still on Sesame Street???

Anyway, sorry, they're on now. So I always watch the Rockettes for a woman I used to dance with when I took lessons in Atlanta. She was an amazing dancer, though was cut from both the Rockettes and Atlanta Hawks dancers in the final round in the same year. (OO! Weebles!) She'll make it someday, so I always keep an eye out.

I love watching the bands because they all wear the same uniforms, but you can always see the token fat guy, token mini guy, and token "I have way too much energy" guy. Hysterical.

What the hell is a Puffy YamiUmi?

Okay, there was just a float that was an ad for Royal Carribean. Pretty tacky, but I guess thanks to people like me with TiVo, advertisers need to do all different kinds of advertising now.

Hula dancers....dude...they must be freezing.

Okay, time to head to Sharon. Happy Thanksgiving, all!

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