Monday, November 14, 2005

A-Rod? MVP?

A-Rod as MVP? Are you kidding me? Yes, he plays defense. Yes, he bats well.

Question: What pitcher would rather see David Ortiz than A-Rod with the game on the line?
Answer: Only the really stupid ones.

Big Papi deserved this award.


Anonymous said...

Hate to break it to you, but pitching and defense wins championships- look at the White Sox this year.

It's not that Ortiz doesn't field well... it's that he doesn't field at all.

Anonymous said...

The award is baseball's best player - it's the most VALUABLE. A-Rod is certainly, unarguably, a better all around baseball player than Ortiz. For sure.

But, Ilana's point is well taken. It's no illusion that A-Rod seemed to come up biggest, and compile his best stats, with his team comfortably in the lead, and then disappear in big games. Where was he in the playoffs this year? And wasn't that David Ortiz rolling down Yawkey way with an entire organization on his back in August?

Ilana said...

I will agree that pitching wins championships, but defense? Nah.

It certainly doesn't hurt, but you give me an all-star team of gold glovers, and Ortiz will still knock the ball out of the park. Really not much you can do about that above trying to prevent it with good pitching.'s game 7, tie game, bottom of the 9th, two outs. Who do you want up for your team? Mr. Shiny Regular Season Stats or Mr. Clutch When It Counts?


Ilana said...

Thanks for the additional data, Ed! Always good to be on the side of those who know the law! ;)

Anonymous said...

If the award is baseball's most valuable player as you say, how is one considered valuable when he sits on the bench for all but four at-bats in an entire game?

If Ortiz is so valuable, stick him at first base. Is the man such a defensive liability he can't play first base?

There's a reason why no DH has ever won the MVP award.

paul b said...

I don't want to belabor the point, but we need to recognize this is the MLB MVP, not the Red Sox's MVP, for the regular season. (Voting concludes before the postseason.)

Additionally, I agree with anonymous and find it difficult to give a MVP award to a part-time player, who maybe influences half a dozen to a dozen plays per game. While he may affect my decisions as an opposing manager particularly in close games, I can always pitch around Oritiz, or in a close game, try to make hime chase a pitch outside the strike zone.