Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Traveling by Air?

Here is a good list of what you can and cannot bring on airplanes.

Sorry, kids...still no meat cleavers allowed on planes. You can bring pointy nail files and blunt scissors, but your defrizzer? Fuggedaboudit. Your hair will be HUGE.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


I have started work on my thesis. It's not that I'm not writing on this blog because I'm always writing the thesis, it's because I feel guilty writing on this blog instead of doing the thesis. =) I therefore have effectively avoided doing both...yay!

I know you're all thinking, geez! I wish Ilana would write more. I wonder what I can do to help...

Well, folks; here it is: you can go fill out a survey for me. Nine multiple-choice questions, that's it! Please?

Click here to take survey

Thanks, all!

Monday, August 21, 2006


Seems like just yesterday we were debating if Manny would be traded or not. Now it looks like the season is over. Sigh...

Friday, August 18, 2006

Red Sox vs. Yankees Towns

The Red Sox and Yankees play a five-game series this weekend. Katie sent me a great link about the division of fans in towns in Connecticut. Here it is. =)

Where is the Quickie going?

It seems like ESPN's Daily Quickie is going in the same direction as this blog...way less writing! They are ending it on August 31. Needless to say, I'm distraught. All the sports highlights with a definite East Coast bias in one page. So sad!

(See here for what the Quickie is if you don't already know)

Monday, August 07, 2006


Those of you who know me know that I have my own special breed of logic: we call it "IlanaLogic." Now it seems that the Red Sox have *their* own special kind, which I have summarily dubbed "LucchinoLogic." Seems that they have decided that paying $75 to get on a season ticket waiting list is worth only three shots at semi-season tickets. They are now forcing people on this waiting list to take an offer of 10th man passes. If said season ticket list person does not accept the tickets three times, they are OFF the list. NO season tickets, no nothing.

It's absolute crap. I'm sure I'm not the only one upset about this. I already have a 10th man pass (about which I am not complaining; I LOVE that plan), but had really wanted the shot at season tickets...hence joining the wait list. Grrrr....

Here is the email from the Red Sox:
Thank you for your continued support of Boston Red Sox Baseball. The commitment and patience you've shown as a valued member of our Season Ticket Waiting List is truly appreciated. Our records indicate that you joined the list on 04/13/04.

With a season ticket renewal rate of nearly 100% each of the past few seasons, we had been unable to accommodate anyone from the waiting list since it began.
As you are likely aware, Fenway Park was under major construction this past off-season. The additional capacity created by the new State Street Pavilion Level enabled us to upgrade some current season ticket holders to better seating locations and larger season ticket plans. This created an opportunity for us to offer season tickets to many waitlist members. The process began with those who joined the list in December 2003 and progressed all the way through August 2004.

For the most part, waiting list members were offered the opportunity to purchase
2 tickets for one of our 10th Man Plans. Please note that this will normally be the case - as the first opportunity for larger season plans that may become available will go to our existing season ticket holders seeking an upgrade of their plan and/or location.

Please be aware that we have implemented a "three strike" seat offer policy; fans will be given the chance to decline a seat location (or season ticket plan) being offered to them three times before losing their place on the wait list and being moved to the back of the list.

When seats do become available, we want to be sure we are able to contact you.
Please take a moment to review your account information above and call our Season Ticket Services department at 877-REDSOX9 to update any discrepancies.

Once again, we appreciate your loyal support and thank you for your patience through this process.