Monday, November 07, 2005

Buh-bye, TO

Terrell Owens will be deactivated for the remainder of the season after serving his current three-game suspension. And throughout the land, a cry of desperation is heard from fantasy football owners. I mean, really, the dude is ranked 20th in Yahoo standings after going 5th overall. I had him on my team two years ago and he kicked butt for me. Luckily, he's not this year. I heart LaDainian.

Actually, the whole TO thing shows one of the reasons that football can replace baseball as the American pastime. The NFL is the only league which--in my humble opinion--is run well. NBA is taking a step in the correct direction by making its players dress professionally. I guess the NHL is going in the right direction by actually playing this year.

MLB continues to flounder. One can actually observe the difference between the two leagues based on the attire of the players: MLB players (e.g. Manny) dress sloppily in their uniforms, with shirts untucked, pants un-stirrupped, and in the case of Trox Nixon, shirt buttons undone. Any of these infractions can result in a fine in football (well, except the buttons. Football players are too manly for buttons! =D). Yes, it's strict, but it sets a precedent for the entire league.

In an age when a positive steroid test in MLB can yield only a ten-day suspension, it is good to see a league that takes a stand on outrageous behavior, even when it's exhibited by a star player.

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