Thursday, June 30, 2005

Tell me this has happened to you....

I got home from work today, made a quick dinner, and sat down to do more work, as I have fallen behind. I got a good chunk done, and went to read Yoav's blog. I noticed that he had written about Jeff's wife's birthday celebration--the one I have in my Palm Pilot for next week--happening tonight.

At that point, it was 6:30, the party started at 6:00, and i still had a good couple of hours to go. So I called Yoav and asked him to call me if they went somewhere after Cheesecake Factory, figuring we could meet up then. I got a bit more work in, then decided to switch over to accounting for a bit, as Matt and Jeanne, my accounting teammates, are getting together tomorrow to do the homework, and I can't go, so I wanted to have a good chunk of it done to hand off to them.

Before transitioning, I figured I should clean for about 15 minutes, as Dan is arriving tomorrow and is severely allergic to cats. I vacuumed the bathmats in the bathroom, removed them, and started sweeping. In the course of my sweeping, I had to move my Tanita scale on top of a box of kitty litter in order to sweep beneath it.

Well, you know the little turny thing that turns toilet water on and off? It was in that immediate vicinity, and all of a sudden, I was getting sprayed in the face with a small stream of water. I reached for the handle to shut the water off, and suddenly I'm lost in a turrent...I had knocked the pipe clear out of the #@$(* toilet.

After a struggle, I got the water turned off, but not before it drenched me, my hair (ewww), my bathroom, my kitty litter, etc. I had to move Scully's litter box quickly, as it is one of the Littermaid ones that run on electricity. Of course in doing that, I had a bunch of wet kitty litter left all over the floor. EWWWWWW

So I kept cleaning the water up, and I felt like something was dripping on my already wet head. Sure enough, the CEILING was drenched, and water was dripping from it on to me. EW ew ew ew ew. So I mopped the ceiling with my wet Swiffer.

Long story short, I got the water cleaned up, headed over to Home Depot, and got my new part. On the way home, I was stuck at a light, so decided to clean my car a bit. I reached into the side pocket on my door where I keep my trash, and put my hand right into a rotten apple core. EWWW... I eventually got home and installed the damn thing. I then finished cleaning up, started a wash for the towels and my bathrobe involved in the squirmish, and hopped into a nice, hot shower.

This has happened to other folks here, right?
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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Getting my Palm Read

Last night Rajeev read my palm. I've never had anything like that done before. It was really interesting. Some of the things he said I figured he would know just from being in class with me since January. However, he had two that most people don't realize:
1. I either understand something immediately or else will have to struggle greatly to comprehend it, and may never do so
2. I am an extremely logical person. I just had this discussion over the weekend...I'm logical to a fault. When things don't make sense, I don't understand. It's kind of a weird quality that I guess isn't too obvious in my personality.

I usually don't believe in this stuff, but I thought it was pretty cool. Rajeev learned from his family.

Dinner at Summer Shack, Bowling at King's

After work, I went over to Summer Shack for the SDM-sponsored dinner. On the way over (using my new GPS system) I spotted Sam, and we drove the rest of the way together.

Everything was included, even beer! Yum!!! The SDM05's were at first in a corner, but we eventually mingled. For dinner, I sat with Jeff, Matt R., John Haj, the industry rep, Moise (SDM03 from MITRE), and further down the table Uday, Sonny, Dave, and Bill Foley and spouse. I had the lobster, and really enjoyed it. I love meals in which you are supposed to get sloppy.

After dinner, I introduced myself to the bulk of the Naval people, who were sitting together at one table. A quick dessert of hot fudge sundae, and we began rounding people up to go out. About ten of us went to King's for some bowling: Sam, Dave, John Haj, Rajeev, Cenkhan from SDM and Chris, Stephen, Jason and Eric from the Naval thing. They kicked our butts, but it was fun. Plus it was ladies' night, so I bowled for free. YAY

After that, we headed over to Tavern on the Water to show our guests the great view of Boston. We closed the place down, getting kicked out at midnight (so lame to close so early). I apologize that today's entry is so poorly written, but I am wiped out from last night.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Quick Entry

I am really busy today, but just wanted to do a quick entry because I really enjoyed the creativity discussion in Systems Engineering today. The first hour passed very quickly. The second hour was a definite improvement over the first couple weeks of classes, but anything after the creativity talk would have been a let down.

So, Yay, SysEng is picking up steam!

Sunday, June 26, 2005


Dude...the Mets take 2 of 3, Red Sox sweep, Orioles get swept....

Eve and Jeff are at the game. I'm so jealous. Of course, having been at the 17-1 Sox victory at Yankee stadium, I can't complain about missing amazing games at Yankee Stadium =D

Dinner with Suzanne

Tonight Suzanne and I went to dinner at La Fonda Latina, a Cuban restaurant I used to go to a bit when I lived here. I love seeing Suzanne...she really is like a sister to me. Afterwards, we went to Eatzi's for mochas. It was great to spend time with Suzanne and hear what Adam, Mathew, and Rachel (her kids) and Burt, Jared and Emily (her fiance and family) have been up to.

Of course, in the middle of dinner I started to feel anxious about schoolwork and couldn't remember why...then I remembered the homework 1 version 2! Ah, thou mockst me...

Ballgame Saturday

Yesterday we took two disco busses down to the Braves game. I was fortunate enough to be on the one with air conditioning. Dan, Susan, Franz, Tonja, Patti, Jamie, Larry, Grant, Tracey, Radio, and I sat around the kegs at the front of the bus. We sang along to Guns and Roses and other music on the way down after meeting in the parking lot at 10:30am.

One tradition of the bus trip it to create name tags for others on the bus. It's a pretty funny process. The rules: you are not allowed to make your own tag, and you must wear your tag the entire time. This process provided much laughter on the way down.

We got to the Turner Field parking lot around noon, and tailgated until 1pm. We were surrounded on either side by one Baptist church group and one school group. Poor guys =D. We were actually a pretty well-behaved crew, but we did have three kegs sitting in the parking lot. It was great to see Betsy and Chris G. who were on the second bus, and who I have not seen in a long time.

Todd and Lance joined us, which was awesome. I really, really miss those guys =(. Lance continues to lose weight...any more and we won't be able to see him if he turns sideways. Todd looked great too, despite having been through a very tough couple of weeks with the sudden loss of his father. (My and my family's deepest sympathy goes to Rachel, Todd, and little Sophie.)

We went into the game and set up camp at The Chophouse. A few beers there, some chili cheese fries for lunch, and you got yourself a little bit of heaven. After the game, we took the bus back and hopped over to Goober's for some beirut (beer pong with throwing instead of paddles). Susan and I did not do so well...okay, she did but I stunk.

It was great to see everybody, and i always love going to Turner Field. From what I understand, it was a pretty good game, too =D

Friday, June 24, 2005

Buh Bye Scully, Hello Atlanta!

Last night, I brought Scully to my parents' house in the 'burbs. The day I got Scully, I was driving her home from the shelter when I looked down and realized she was trying to get out of the temporary box they gave me for her: her teeth were wrapped between two of the airholes, and she was pulling away. I got home before my new pet could escape. I was a bit scared of her because of this incident, but she has turned out to be the nicest, friendliest cat.

I invested in a very nice bag for her. It looks like a gym bag, but has an opening for a cat, with two zippers and air vents. She breaks out of this thing EVERY TIME she is in it. She will climb out of the bag and into my lap, occasionally standing up with her paws on the window and her legs still on me. It's very cute. Then she'll climb in the back seat and look out the window. We always get lots of waves.

She is very happy at my parents' house. Maybe because they spoil her? Tuna for snack every day!

After I got back into town, I went to Tavern on the Water to meet up with Dave, Christian, Spiros, and Matt L. They were sitting outside on the lower porch with drinks when I arrived, so I joined. It was a beautiful night with a slightly chilly wind. I always have fun when out with those guys...they are really funny, with that intelligent, rather dry sense of humor.

After that it was home to pack, and now I should probably stop blogging and get my butt to the airport =D

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Systems Engineering Today

Today Professor Frey gave a good lecture about the use of QFD. Any lecture that starts out with the showing of the EDS Cat-Herding commercial is good with me.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Bright shiny object for the 2000's

We have internal google at MITRE. We also have a google tracker at MITRE. Some MENSA member decided to broadcast this constantly-updating list onto the wall down the hall from me. Of course most recent submissions include:
dingwell (my officemate) loves sheep
davidi is a loser
dingwell rules
why are you reading this?
if you are reading this you have too much time on your hands
get back to work
you're fired!

and, of course, various jokes. about eight of us were just standing around for twenty minutes watching it. It's the 2000's equivelent of looking up "boobies" in the dictionary.

Boring classes are hazardous to my health

Did I write "health?" I meant "wealth." Went shopping during class again today, and bought 4 tickets to a Jimmy Buffett Las Vegas...

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Back Home and Exhausted

I'm back in Charlestown. Last night we had the class dinner, then a party. Some observations:

1. I realized this is the first time I have been single at Dartmouth since 1993!!! Last reunion, I had just spent much of the week on vacation in New Hampshire with Steve. I still went solo to the reunion because he had just started doing JANITORIAL WORK Friday and Saturday at A LOCAL DINING ESTABLISHMENT and could not take the weekend off. Before that, I visited with Dan when we were still dating back in 2000. Prior to that, I was still dating Kevin, my college sweetheart who I had dated since 1994. Hadn't realized I hadn't flown solo for so many years....

2. Dartmouth people are amazing. Less than two percent of the folks there had put on any weight. It was crazy! Dartmouth is a very athletic school and it shows.

3. I should NOT stay up til 5am drinking. Not good.

4. Sometimes I would pass someone that I had known at Dartmouth but never been friends with; not anyone I disliked, just was never close to. These are the people you don't want to waste time with at reunions just because there are so many others to see. So they know you've seen them, and you know they've seen you, but you quietly refuse to acknowledge one another's presence. Hilarity.

5. Even though I was never very active, I am happy I was in a sorority at Dartmouth. Funny story though...I saw this woman at one of the events, and said, "Wait, you were in a sorority, right? I can't remember which one." She replied, "Yours." D'oh! It's fun to go over for pong and stuff. I'll post pics later.

6. Way fewer dogs at Dartmouth. It's quite sad.

7. Last night, I hit three fraternities (SAE, Zete, and Chi Gam. Chi gam literally smelled like horse manure. I don't mind the smell of mung, but horse poo? No thanks. I left quickly thereafter.

8. Few things in life make me as happy as holding cotton candy in one hand and a beer in the other. I got to do that on Saturday. Yes, I have pics and I will post.

9. Dude, I'm friggin' tired. I'm going to nap.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Reunion: Friday Night

I went to our class tent. I was pretty nervous about being single at the 10th (9th) year reunion, but I shouldn't have been...many people were. How come only people getting married or having kids write in to the class newsletter? When I get home, I am writing a letter: "Ilana Davidi is living in Charlestown, MA. She is still single with one cat. In her limited spare time, she enjoys going to Warren Tavern and assorted drinking establishments in the local area."

ANYWAY, the first people I saw were a set of football players. I managed the team for two years and kept in touch with many of the guys for years after. Of course I had a complete brain fart, and forgot a couple of names, but it was great to see Tarran, Pat, and John M. Pat and John are both in Atlanta and did a pretty damn good job of trying to get me to move back down there. We soon ran into Dave and Emily DeStefano. Dave was on my floor freshman year and looks great. I also hang out a lot with Rose, Shannon, and Holly. The freshman River dorm crew of Oge, Nate, Tom, Steve, Patsa, and Kim arrived later. Kim has a 6-week old! She looks incredible. I did not believe it was her baby at first.

It's weird...the women look pretty much the same, and most of the guys look older. I guess it's good because guys tend to look better as they age, while us...not so much (fine wine my ass.... at least when we're talking about my ass).

We had EBA's food in the '96 tent, then went to the combined class (94-6) tent. I did not run into Pamela yet. Soon.

So after the tent. Oge, Nate, Patsa and hubby, Kim and Hubby, Scott, Tom, Kate and Jim and I went to EBA's. I had my tuna melt sandwich, completely the trifecta of required EBA's food (chicken sandwich, breadsticks with ranch, tuna melt.)

By this time it was about 2am so I wandered over to SAE, my second home while here. There, I player beer die with Dumbo, Weasy, Dingo, Stain, Sue, and Stench. No plunks, but I did okay. By the way, my plunk list is still on the wall!! It says "Moose" in chalk with my many plunk lines beneath (I will tell the Moose nickname story another time).

After beer die, Dingo and I took on some 00's in pong. We played two-cup lob, which was fine because we were playing with Keystone Light, which just happens to be a synonym for "rancid shit." Luckily, we didn't drink once. One of the 00's kept calling me darling, so I told him he could only call me that once he started playing like a man. Ah, I still have the smack talk.

And some skills! Dingo and I went one-on-one afterwards for a couple of games, and I beat him in both. Woohoo! So what if I can't do calculus, ERBA, or long division....I can play pong!!! =D

I think I got home sometime around 5am. I am definitely too old for this, but had a great time. I was up at about 10:30 (thanks to the ridiculously loud guy on the phone next door to me), and went to bagel basement for coffee and bagels. YUM.

Friday, June 17, 2005

In the Stacks

I'm in the stacks now, and they have been redone. The pervasive, musty smell of old books is very faint. I used to love to come here and take deep breaths...Yeah, it's weird, but what can ya do.

back at Dartmouth

Well...I'm back!! This is so weird! They have changed so much on this campus. I guess the fear of it becoming a "Little Harvard" is justified. Dude...some guys from my class are four computers down, and they really look bad. One used to be really hot.

Anyway, I went to West Leb today to go to BestBuy. When I was here, all we had was KMart. I"m not even kidding. And you had to drive 10 miles to get there. Now it has exploded with stores, including BestBuy where I dropped a LOT of money on a GPS system, but I used it on the way back to school and it was so much fun.

Okay, I am about to go into the stacks and inhale the smell of books. I'll try to keep you posted, but I can only blog from public machines.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

I am getting GPS this weekend

I left my condo in Chucktown at 6:45 for my 8pm softball game. after a quick stop to get gas, I was on my way to West Roxbury. In a typical Ilana move, I had printed out the directions--including turn-by-turn maps--from Mapquest. In an even more typical Ilana move, I left the last page at home.

So I am driving through some neighborhoods that I never even knew existed... Long story short is I got horribly lost and had to call Dan to navigate me through. I finally arrived at Collens field at 8:15. Of course, my game was at Billings field, but the website said to go to Collens and it was easy from there.

There was a game on, so I asked a guy on the bench how to get to the next field. He was all excited as he had grown up in the neighborhood. He gave me very detailed instructions which turned out to be DEAD WRONG. So I got lost again. And, of course, in Ilanaland, when we get frustrated, we cry.

Of course, my crying stopped as I admired the mansions and beautiful people in the new and gorgeous neighborhoods through which I drove. People everywhere smiled and waved at me. It was like the land time forgot, where everyone is friendly and happy. Lots of handsome, Jewish, successful men motioned politely to me from the Jaguars and gave me their phone numbers, requesting that I call for an evening out at Synogauge and a movie.

At the end of the drive, I was so relaxed that I went home and had a glass of Chardonnay before a quick bath and bed.
So I'm driving through some $hitass neighborhood, crying, trying to find my way to the field or home.

I finally turned came to a street I'd been on earlier, and found my way home. I arrived back in Chucktown at 8:56pm, over two hours since I had left. I had driven over 37 miles. I started a bath running, broke my no-alcohol diet with a Miller Lite (I NEEDED a softball-type beer), and soaked away Dorchester, Roxbury, Mattapan, and other ickiness in the jacuzzi. Much better.

So, I am getting GPS this weekend. I would have gotten it tonight, but I spent so long being lost that BestBuy was closed by the time i got home.

So Busted!

Today in class, the professor cold-called me first...I'm guessing because it was quite obvious that I was much more interested with the South Park character I was creating of myself than his senseless ramblings about some random theory.

Luckily, I pulled out with a vague answer. Woohoo!

That class is absolute torture. The discussions have nothing whatsoever to do with systems engineering. The readings are awful and pointless. I'm very frustrated. If I was paying my own tuition I would be pretty angry about the quality level of several of the SDM classes. Actually, I still am pretty angry, because as Yoav pointed out in class today, I do take time from work to attend class. That, of course, eats away at my gym and social time. Grrrrr.....

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Florida:Georgia::New Hampshire:Massachusetts

In terms of driving, of course. I have noticed that cars with New Hampshire plates are even worse drivers than those with Massachusetts. The way in which they are worse is almost exactly the same as the way Florida drivers pollute Georgia highways: they occupy the left lanes at slow speeds, drive slowly in general, and really just drive like the blue-haired ladies in the Wendy's commercials.

Happy Birthday, Dan! Posted by Hello

Accounting with potato chips

I missed my first class on Monday and needed to watch the video to catch up. I really enjoyed watching the video from home. I could eat chips and slouch in my couch. I don't really like to participate in lecture-style classes anyway, so it suited me just fine.

I had a few problems with the network (argh, the dreaded "Buffering 99%" message...), but other than that was happy with the quality.

In other news, it dropped 30 degrees in about four hours here. Sigh....

Monday, June 13, 2005

Briefing a Success

Well, at least the briefing went well. My boss was very happy with it.

Of course, it went well enough that I got extra work. Yipppee. =D

Having one of those days.... (Warning: Kvetching ahead)

This morning I left my condo, only to get to my car and realize I had forgotten my iPod, which I sorely needed for my commute and for the gym after work. I went back up to the condo, grabbed the iPod, pet Scully, and went into the elevator again (no stairs to parking lot). Upon exiting the elevator, I realized I had also forgotten my cell phone, but decided to leave that behind.

Got to work. On walking in, creepy security guard #3 greets me by asking to see pictures of my vacation. I have already had problems with two security guards--one here and one at CNN--and am NOT in the mood to deal with it again. I'll blog on that another day.

So I manage to get out of that situation and head upstairs to find the air conditioning in the office I share with another developer is out. I like my office hot, but it was a sauna even for me. We called to get it repaired, but they still haven't come.

Then I went to the department refrigerator to move my salad dressing from the freezer to the fridge. Why? Because they clean out the fridge every two weeks, throwing everything away, but the items in the freezer are safe by policy. Nuh-uh. Dumbass fridge cleaner threw out my salad dressing. I felt silly calling to complain, but this is the third time they've done this. Shouldn't have felt silly...they'd received two other calls by 9:30.

I have a briefing today at 3:30 and my boss is very particular about briefings (and everything else), so I need to do four iterations of the powerpoint before the briefing. So no practice time for me.

Aaannd Yoav pointed out that we have accounting on Friday as well, so that is two accounting classes I need to miss in one week. (Gotta go to Dartmouth for my 10th year reunion, which is actually my 9th year reunion, but Dartmouth does reunions in groups of three classes).

That's it for now. Sorry to vent. If one of you writes back, "Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays," I'll do to you as they did to the printer. (If you don't understand these statements, go rent "Office Space" RIGHT NOW. I'm having one of those days where I'm going to get home and watch it again so I know I'm not alone...)

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Eve is Pregnant!

And I'm allowed to tell y'all now! YAY! I keep secrets, like, wicked good. Congratulations Eve and Jeff and mom and dad. And me! Aunt Ilana =D

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Beach Day!

Went to Tricia's house in Marshfield for a day of beach and barbeque. Elizabeth knows Tricia from law school, so invited me along. The two of us drove down with Liz's boyfriend Frank. Once there, we went to the beach with other law school folk for a couple of hours, then back to Tricia's for a barbeque with her boyfriend Jason who was visiting from Jersey.

Tricia seems to cook as much as I do, but she made wonderful potato and macaroni salad . Frank did an excellent job at the grill. I had my twice-yearly burger and it was really good. We left shortly after eating to drive home...Liz and Frank to sleep, me to do MORE HOMEWORK. Wheeee....

Funny thing this morning on the way out of my garage, btw. Usually, when I pull out of my garage, I have a spectacular view of the USS COnstitution. This morning I pulled out and it seemed to be lost in a haze. I then realized that it is Bunker Hill Weekend and the Constitution is out for its "turnaround" in the harbor. Didn't get to see it sail, but it's back now with all of its flags raised. Very beautiful.

For all of you in Boston, the Bunker Hill Day Parade is tomorrow from 11am-2pm in Charlestown. Good vantage points on Harvard Street and throughout the town. Really fun stuff...lots of 1700's gear and fifery.

Friday, June 10, 2005

This sentence makes no #()$* sense

"The underlying theories of medical science such as chemistry and biology play a pivotal role in the development of new treatments."

Since when are chemistry and biology underlying theories of science???? This is ridiculous! The whole paper reads like this. How am I supposed to critique something that makes no sense????

Is it just the English degree or are others seeing this as well?

Homework on a Friday night...ugh...

I am in doing my accounting and systems engineering homework. Accounting was actually soothing...I liked just filling in the numbers (well, except when I got all pissy because I thought I was getting it wrong).

Systems engineering on the other hand is beyond painful. We have five essay questions due in 10 days. Only problem is the essay questions suck. One refers to a paper about medical practice as compared to systems engineering. The question requires as much knowledge about medicine as it does about systems engineering! It's a load of crap. I'm grumpy.

There I Go, Impulse Buying Yet Again

Dudes (and dudettes) I talked to Dan last night, and Franz, Derek, and the rest of the Batting for Beers crew are doing their annual bus trip to the Braves game. Last time I went, Dan and I shared a liter bottle of rum before the bus even left, then partook greatly of the kegs on board. By the time we got to the park, I was so hammered I was doing things like going into roped-off areas of seats and plopping myself down. NOT GOOD.

So of course, when Dan told me about the trip, I asked Franz if there was still room and overpaid for a ticket on Airtran. What's it like to be able to say, "Nah, I don't need to do that...I'll save the money and have a great weekend in Boston instead?" I don't think I'll ever know.... nor do I think I'll ever regret not knowing... =D

SO EXCITED FOR DRUNKEN PARTY BUS BRAVES GAME. Here are the unedited pictures from two years ago. Not for the faint at heart. You don't need to log in, just click the first picture.

Still in class

Still bored. And now the water I drank this morning at the gym is ready to leave me and man, do I gotta go.

Simpsons reference: "Give me a P!"
"Go, go, go! P! P! P!"

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Happy Birthday, Mom!

It's my mom's birthday today! She is a wonderful woman, and I am very proud of her. That, plus she's a huge sports fan and stayed up late to watch each and every one of the Sox playoff games last year (yes, even after I had given up hope)

Please excuse the awful picture of us, but I just love mom and I snuck off to Paris on an E-Saver this year and spent Thursday-Sunday doing nothing but walking, shopping, eating, and drinking. Paradise!

Inaugural Night at Tavern on the Water

Although I had been prepared to stay in last night to finish (well, and start) my systems engineering homework then go to bed early to wake up at 6am for the gym, I got my usual Wednesday night call. Sure enough, Dave and Andrew were ready to go out in Charlestown. It wasn't our usual venue; we were going to Tavern on the Water which had just opened for the season Memorial Day weekend.

The talent was pretty low, so we pretty much kept to ourselves. I had planned to stay only 45 minutes, but thunderstorms starting rolling in, preventing my escape. After an hour and fifteen minutes, I decided to venture out. I left the boys chatting with two lovely women and went out into the storm.

Luckily, I saw a cab. He appeared to be waiting for someone. So I hopped in the back seat and said, "Did someone call you or are you at large?" He said someone had called from the Tavern. I told him no one else was leaving, and besides he could take me home and be back in two minutes, in time for the fare.

He drove me home without the meter on, so I gave him five bucks (all my cash), and jumped back into the rain. Wheeee.... I wonder how Andrew and Dave made out....

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

In 1987 I was in seventh grade

Pray tell, why are we reading an article from 1987 for systems engineering? Yes, it's cool to see that many of what was predicted has come about, but the last time i want to return to is one in which I had a huge afro on top of my gangly, recently-pubertized bod.

Our Accounting Book has Fancy Script

It's still as boring as watching grass grow in the rain.

SDM: Term 2

Summer term is officially underway at MIT. I really enjoyed my first term. Even ERBA had strong points to it: the homework (and impossibility thereof) helped me to get to know and greatly respect many of my classmates and the chats were always good for a laugh (and for getting me busted for laughing). I didn't really like Tech Strategy either, but at least I had a good partner in John Hajdiwuesdfsasdfasdf and there were only six sessions. I really liked my Apollo and Innovation in Marketing classes.

I'm nervous for this semester; so far, it's shaping up to be quite dry. Our accounting professor has a good sense of humor, but I found myself struggling to pay attention after the first half hour. I loved the reading for Systems Engineering and learned quite a bit about myself from it, but the lecture had me on the train to Snoozeville.

I am also printing out the reading for the Systems Engineering. It is making a HUGE stack at the printer here. Many of them are scanned-in pages converted to PDF. YUCK. As for accounting, I like the book with it's easily-scannable bold-faced keywords, but this book is long as well. Anybody know where I can score some Ritalin? ;)

I'm hoping that the second lecture in each course will jump start the courses. In the meantime, I have opted out of Systems Dynamics and Operations Management in order to enjoy the summer a little bit.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Scary freak alert

This is pretty scary stuff. Good thing they took away the bloody chain saw before letting him into the country.....

Monday, June 06, 2005

MIT Parking BS

MIT requires that students park in the West Lot YEAR ROUND even if there are no other students on campus. How dumb is that??? y'all pay for parking, or just park anywhere anyway? I cannot believe that they are trying to make me park in West Lot all summer. It's ridiculous that they give commuting students the farthest-away parking anyway, considering we are COMMUTING to classes. Dumbasses.

I'd vent more, but lucky for all of you I have a meeting.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Hello, my name's Ilana, and I'm unprepared

Does anybody know if we have operations management tomorrow? If so, where the heck is it? ARGH. Nothing like knowing if I have an 830am class or not :-p

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Dinner with the Sheffields, Day on the Beach

Last night we had dinner with the Sheffields. Paty is just the cutest little ball of butter ever. She has such a personality now! She smiles and giggles. I love that kid. It was wonderful to see Kellie and get in some good talk. It was also great to see Allen, and he and Dan had fun talking about football (Dan went to Florida State, Allen to Florida) and real estate.

Speaking of which, Dan and I need to go get ice cream, gumbo, rum runners, and beer now. I'll finish this later.

Oh! And I got to see the Spelling Bee over lunch. I love that thing. I was bummed when my favorite kid was eliminated in about 15th place, but they're all cute. Okay, food 'n' booze time.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Yay, Sun!

I have had a great day! We woke up, went for breakfast, then headed to the beach. The sun poked out after a bit and it has turned out to be a gorgeous day. Kellie brought Payton for a quick visit, and we are meeting Kellie, Allen, and Payton at Pampano Joe's for dinner tonight.

The surf here is crazy...double red flag-type surf. We have a bodyboard and a floatie, and were up and using both most of the time. A couple times we got yelled at for going out too was like being twelve again. They are very concerned with the riptide here as they lost thirty people last year.

There are a lot of people here. I've seen quite a few Dixie flags, more than usual. I'd call them ignoramuses, but that would send the lot scurrying for their doctors.

Waiting for the moisturizer to sink into my TANNED skin before going for dinner. YAY