Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Excellent Project Management Class

I really enjoyed today's System Project Management class. Instead of concentrating on the use of tools involving DSM or PERT, we looked at the traits of project managers based on surveys distributed to the class.

Prof de Weck started off by listing some of the information on qualities needed in PM's, such as leadership, planning, and politicking. We then discussed Briggs-Myers personalities (I'm ENTJ / ENFJ). I like learning that pertains to actual student experiences, seeing what people think works and doesn't work. Class flew by.

Towards the end I saw the letters DSM flash up on the PowerPoint and started to get a bit nervous, but de Weck flew through those slides.

As an aside, I realized today again how much I miss managing large-scale projects like I did at SI. Hmm..

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Yoav said...

Hey, Ilana got an RSS feed! Cool ;)

Yeah, that was a good SPM class. We study too much about systems in mechanistic ways, and too little about working with people ;(