Monday, November 07, 2005

System Architecture on Friday

I was trying to wait until I had my notes written up, but I'll just give a brief overview of Sys Arch on Friday.

We had our best speaker yet: Daniel McCue of Xerox. He was a very friendly and open person and gave a good lecture that encompassed both hardware and software. It is rare to see such a successful intertwining here at MIT; most applications are addressed as being one or the other.

I'll post my notes as soon as I get them organized.


Yoav said...

Is that something brown on your nose? I can't see clearly from this distance...

Glad you enjoyed it ;)

Ilana said...

Oh, this little thing here? Nah, I had brownies for lunch. Thanks for the heads-up! =D

Seriously, he was the best speaker in that class yet! Then again, let me know what you think of the other speakers we've had ;)

Mane the Mean said...

It was good, very practical, very much telling
how it is to architect embedded systems.

Been there, done that, so I know quite well