Monday, November 21, 2005

One Less Guilty Little Pleasure

--Stop reading if you watch "Desperate Housewives" and have not yet seen it--

"Desperate Housewives" lost me last night. Last season was wonderful and creative. This season makes "Melrose Place" look realistic. In last week's episode, Gabi is confronted by what she believes to be a burglar in her home, falls down, and loses her baby. A week or so later, some scary looking guy shows up who says Carlos sent him, and Gabi does not confirm with her husband nor call the police. Then she gets in the car with this guy? Doesn't start screaming when she notices no window or door handles on the passenger's side of the car? Whatever.

Not only was the character's action unrealistic, but the writers made the situation appear worse than it was, framing what would be a balloon release as a potential kidnapping or murder. SO stupid.

And that's only the one character...the whole show was so unrealistic that I just can't see spending 40 minutes (thank you, TiVo) a week watching it anymore. Bummer.


Eve said...

actually... when he did kidnap her, I thought to myself -- finally this show is getting good. And then, he was 'saving' her -- I mean, pu-lease! How disappointing! I have to agree sis, the show is no good this year. However, Grey's Anatomy rocks!

Eve said...

woah i like my picture!

Ilana said...

Yay! Now you just need to start writing in your blog rather than just having your picture there =D