Monday, November 07, 2005

Game update

9:19: It took Indy two minutes to score, and it took me under three minutes to hit mute to block out John Madden. Can't stand listening to that guy.
9:22: Had to turn the volume back on to hear the crowd for 4th-and-2.
9:26: Pats score! 12 points for the 'muffins on Brady-Branch. Then Branch does some awful little touchdown dance, seeming to completely negate the props I gave to the NFL earlier. He's lucky he was the MVP of the Superbowl--and, more importantly, a star on the studmuffins--or else I'd be going down to Foxboro to kick his butt right now.
9:39: John Madden showed true insight in his call, "[Manning] doesn't want to hear, 'why don't you win?'"
9:44: Al Michaels just called Peyton "the most cerebral quarterback." Has he heard this guy talk?
9:45: I wonder if it is worth it to give up on the TiVo replay capability in order to listen to the game on the radio and have it sync up. Hmm...
9:50: I love watching Bethel Johnson.
10:01: Unfortunately, Edge is at least as much fun to watch, as long as he isn't playing against your team. This guy is amazing.
Okay, I am stepping away from the laptop to concentrate sending positive energy to the Pats ;)

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