Friday, November 18, 2005

Programming langauges software engineering class

Today in Software Engineering Professor Leveson told a story from when she taught at UCLA. She told her students they needed to have meaningful variable names, and would get a good grade only for this type of name. One of her students therefore used variables such as JesusDiedForOurSins. When she did not give him full credit, he complained because these names were certainly meaningful to him.

(For those that don't do software, you should have names like bankAccountId, withdrawalAmount, etc.)

Only two more classes left =(

Yoav and I just ran through our presentation on software in Israel for our Business of Software class. I will be very happy when this presentation is over: I love working with Yoav and Paul, but a last-minute addition of a non-attention to detail person made the project less fun. Rather than having no effect on the presentation, this dude actually made it worse.

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