Saturday, November 26, 2005

Yay, weekend!

Last night I went to Matt L.'s house to meet up for dinner. He made us two each of his famous margaritas (which were soooo good), then we walked to a sushi place. Excellent sushi, excellent sake, excellent company. Thanks, Matt!

Today Eve and Jeff came into town. We went to the S&S Restaurant for brunch which was delish. From there, we drove to Harvard Square, where we wandered around for two hours, scaring children in the Curious George bookstore and getting makeovers in the make-up store there (well, Jeff skipped the makeover =D)

They left, but are now on the way back, as both Eve and I managed to grab the wrong bag at the make-up store =). I'll be sitting here, doing homework, and waiting for the Florida-Florida State game to come on at 3:30.

Ooo...also, this is a very touching article about a reunion between a Holocaust survivor and the woman who protected her (go here. They also mention a charity I did not know about but will now donate to in which those who protected Jews during the Holocaust are provided for.

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