Sunday, November 27, 2005

My fame grows!

Can y'all tell I am procrastinating? =D

Look! In addition to the Sloan paper last month, I'm in here, too. Or at least my fat cousin is (awful picture).


Yoav said...

Nice! I think the picture is just fine, not too bad at all. And they edited the story nicely around your quotes: kudos on a nice appearance.

Although the "everything I learn at SDM is useful" (paraphrased) quote did nearly make me throw up. Naturalistic epistemology, anyone? How about re-deriving the lognormal distribution?

Ilana said...

I love the complimentary, yet somewhat vomitous tone of your comment! =D

I think they took some of the things I said out of context. That was most likely referring to certain classes. No big whoop =)

Anonymous said...

I Agree with Yoav, the picture is fine and the content of the article is great,