Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Basketball and Owwwwie

I played basketball after class today with Yoav, Sam, Robbie, Deming, Paul B., John W., and a random guy who was playing before we got there.

It was fun as always. However, at one point, a rebound got batted away and was headed right toward my face. Like Neo avoiding bullets in The Matrix I leaned all the way back to avoid the oncoming weapon. It really didn't hurt at the time, but now it is kiling me, dude! I already sat in the jacuzzi for a bit and took some Advil. Hopefully, it will be better by gym time tomorrow. (Of course, last time I had a major back injury--the car accident in 2001 when the dude ran a stop sign into me--I was back at the gym the next morning, exacerbating my whiplash and probably extending my subsequent physical therapy. Silly.)

Anyhoo, after that incident, I didn't duck the next time and got hit square in the forehead by Sam. I'll get you for this, ShotBoy!

On a different note, I was really sad driving home, and not just because my back was killing me. I realized that everybody that played today will be gone next term other than Sam and me. Of course, Sam throws enough elbows to make up for the rest being gone, but it will be so sad once everybody graduates or moves back home after their term on campus.


Cybersam said...

What I am the bad guy now... What about Paul, Robbie, and Yoav. ;-)

Yoav said...

I don't think I was throwing too many elbows ;)

Ilana, rest your back, that really was a Matrix-like bend-back.

Maybe we'll butt in on a chat during some random class next term ;)

Ilana said...

Oh, they're all bad, too. I'm just picking on you today, Sam! =)

And Yoav, you better be in chat, or I will come to your office and start throwing elbows there, too!

Robbie Allen said...

Is "Spaulding" still on your forehead? :-P Nice picture.

Ilana said...

Kind of...I've actually managed to carve it into "Sam is in big trouble." =D