Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Mom's Art Show, Meeting Johnny Pesky

A piece of my mom's art was shown at Fenway a couple nights ago. I am so proud of her! It's a gorgeous plate. She was given a color palette with which to produce something, and I have included a picture below.

My mom, dad, and I were lucky enough to attend, thanks to my mom's friend and classmate, Shelly. Part of the festivities included meeting Johnny Pesky, of Pesky Pole (the right field foul pole at Fenway) fame.

What a great guy! He signed autographs and flirted with all of the women. He really could not have been more pleasant, and seemed like a genuinely happy person. I told him that I had a great picture of him on a certain Duck Tour in 2004 (the Sox Victory Parade), and he said, "I was pretty happy that day." It was awesome. Pictures are around.

Lani and Pesky
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Moms piece 2
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Monday, September 18, 2006

More thesis procrastination...

So I finally checked on my fantasy teams. Not looking so good, boys:

1. spike sharpeners (Atlanta friends baseball) are out, having lost to Nole Control! in the consolation round.
2. Dirt Dogs Plus One (Boston friends baseball) have advanced into the game for the bronze model (yes, also consolation round)
3. Studmuffins (Atlanta friends football) won their second game on Peyton Manning's 31-point performance.

Okay, back to the thesis. =)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

College Football

Just got back from a weekend including watching the Clemson-Florida State game. It was amazing. Everybody should see a big-time college football game. There is nothing like the energy of the crowd, either before or after the elaborate tailgating.

I'll write more soon, when I'm not writing my thesis. (what a great excuse that is =D)