Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sports Guy's Take

Interesting article from the (Boston) Sports Guy about Theo's departure.

It's interesting for two reasons. First, it details some of the reasons he thinks Theo may have left. Second, it provides an explanation for why blogs are needed today. In short, the Red Sox ownership has too many ties to the Boston Globe and other local media outlets. They are able to manipulate stories to suit their needs. Or are they?

Regardless, blogs offer a good forum for discussion by real people who are not getting paid by anyone for their work.

(If anybody from the Red Sox is reading this, please disregard...I can be bought!) (kidding.... =D)


Harry Dunn said...

Who cares? The Red Sox were lucky last year anyway.

Ilana said...

Unlike the Braves, who have taken choking in the playoffs to such an art form that unemployed painters gather 'round to document the images for posterity.