Monday, January 02, 2006

For my Mom

My mom said that she missed my blogging, so here is a quick summary:

Friday: Went to Town Spa and Ikea with Sam, Yoav, and Alli. We had a lot of fun, and all of us bought stuff (of course =))

Current: Holy crap, can they please stop showing Brady Quinn's sister who is dating the linebacker who is trying to sack her brother??? Ohmigod. Until she throws on some pads and starts tackling people, let's keep the camera off of her.

Ahem, okay, back to the summary.

Saturday: After hearing Alli's rave reviews of Bloomie's sale, I met my mom there for some shoppin'. We had so much fun. =) My mom got some cute shoes and a couple of shirts, and I stayed true to form by picking up clothes I can't wear for another six months: two tanks tops. =)

I had a brief moment of panic when I walked out of the store to my car, expecting to see my pink hat on the seat only to find it not there. I went back to the store into the shoe department, and saw the hat sitting there. I got all excited and said, "That's mine! See? It matches my scarf!" as I eagerly held out my scarf and matching gloves. Sometimes I am such a dork (if you are going to comment only to concur, I'll kick your butt).

On the way back to Charlestown, I stopped by Best Buy to treat myself to a present. I finally gave up the Sony Cybershot 3.2 megapixel camera I have had since December 1999. My Sony survived five years of me, as well as being run over by a pick-up truck. I loved that thing, but it wasn't so good at photographing yellows or in bright sunshine, so I figured I'd try a Canon.

I then went home and started playing with my new toy. Every year I say I am going to stay in for New Year's. This year, I did it. I put on my penguin pajamas, and made myself a healthy dinner of chips and melted cheese and salsa, complete with two glasses of wine. I watched "Airplane" and "Men in Black" with Scully on my stomach, playing with my new camera throughout.

Sunday: I went home to watch the end of the Pats game with my parents, then ventured out to Ikea again with my mom after Sam called to tell me they had the lamps I had wanted to buy on Friday, but they were out of (thanks, Sam!). I then stayed for the 8th night of Hanukah. Excellent cooking, mom!

Monday: Gym, then sat on my butt ALL DAY watching football. Again, bliss.

It has been a really great weekend of nothing. I needed this. =D Excellent way to start the year...this, the Year of Ilana. (It's YOI!)


Yoav said...

I concur.

It's nice of Sam to call and alert you to the lamp's availability.

Dharmesh Shah said...

You have good taste in cameras. I think you'll be really happy with the SD550 (I got the exact same camera for Kirsten for Chrismtas). Enjoy!

Cybersam said...

I am always a nice guy.

the write mom said...

Thanks for the blog, Lani. Thanks for my first trip to Ikea, Sam.
They did show that guy's sister an awful lot, especially when the fiance sacked the brother!!!!!
So glad you had a great weekend.