Thursday, January 19, 2006

Boston is a Beautiful City

I was driving to class this morning along Memorial Drive. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, but the wind was creating white caps on the Charles River. It was just gorgeous. It is so much prettier when the Charles isn't frozen over ;)

As much as I love Atlanta, it always struck me as strange to be living in a city with no water (the Chatahoochee does not count).


Yoav said...

Atlanta itself is generally f'ugly, although there are a number of nice smaller spots / parks / areas. Boston can be very beautiful on some days, not so much on others ;)

Link to the chocolate recipe?

Mane the Mean said...

Boston is much more beautifull when enjoyed by foot.

steve said...

The 'hooch is a cesspool. Although I did enjoy riding the motorcycle to work today.

Ilana said...

It's not on's site that I can find. Will definitely link it when it is (or just write it out).

I "Shot the Hooch" one year, and managed to get a rash on my arms and legs that required antibiotics just for being in the water for under a minute (shudder /)