Sunday, January 15, 2006

Weekend Recap

Friday was a busy night. I started out at Jamie's house for wine and cheese for a brief girls' night in. From there, I took the T (to Sonsie (being entertained on the way by a group of 23-year-old girls talking about how amazing a co-worker of theirs was because this woman was 32 and still out partying, living her life like she wants to. Good for her! I tried not to laugh too obvoiusly....) At Sonsie, I had drinks with Yoav, Alli, Sam, Kevin, Maja, and a couple of their friends. The martinis and company were excellent; the service not so much.

After Sonsie, I briefly rejoined Jamie and friends, but they were waiting outside too long at Ned Devine's, long enough for me to notice the exceedingly young median age of fellow clubgoers. I ditched out and went to join SDM 06's Will, Chris, and Adrienne. Apparently we had a lot of fun hanging out, as I didn't get home until around 3:30. =)

On Saturday I went for a walk downtown, then went to Hennessey's with Andrew for the game. I was getting really frustrated because the only reason to go out to see a game (for me) is to feel the energy of the crowd. Otherwise, I'd rather just have people over. There were two bachelorette parties there with very shrill girls (even Andrew thought so, but that might have been after he realized most were married already =D). Nobody was cheering or booing with the plays, so during half time we switched to Bell in Hand. That was slightly better. Of course, the Pats lost, so I left to go home with two minutes remaining, having been out so long the night before.

Today, I woke up at 10am, was awake til about 11, then went back to sleep until 3pm to the surprise of Pit beating Indy 14-3. Interesting game here. I'd prefer for Indy to win this year so that it takes some of the fire out of their bellies, but don't care too much. If they lose, I'll be rooting for the Seahawks, if only because Shaun Alexander looks so much like Tiki =)


Yoav said...

F'in a:

Ilana said...

Now that just sucks. Yoav, I say you step up and accept that job. You can sign me on as linebackers coach. Hopefully, I can get Ted Johnson to come help me (although my crush on him ended a couple of years ago). We will build an impenetrable defense, and compile new and interesting plays via a wiki!