Friday, January 20, 2006

Sports Management and Bluegrass

Last night I had my sports management class before heading to a bluegrass concert. The class was very interesting: first we had two groups--one representing the Pats, one the Celts--pitching a product campaign to a rep from Pepsi. It was very interesting, and I learned quite a bit about sports sponsorship. Next, one of our profs went into the details of how complex trades are made. He used the Chris Mills trade as an example. Of course, this caused the mention of the words "Vin Baker" which are enough to make any Celtics fan shudder.

I had to duck out of class about 10 minutes early to make the concert. The Avett Brothers were in town. I got there just in time to hear them kick off the show with "Swept Away," one of my favorites. They also sang "Pretend Love," which will be on the album they are releasing Feb 7. I got to hang around with Matt, Matti, S., and one of the original Avett fans: Dave (and his sister).


Lance LaRocca said...

Don't hate on Vin Baker until you spend a night out on the town with him.
When you get pictures of him taking body shots of the dancers at the Glass Slipper you'll wish the Celtics brought in more players like him.
Ask your professor about a Paul Pierce for Zach Randolph trade.

Dingo said...

what book are you using for sports management?