Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Leavin' Primetime

Tomorrow is my birthday. Usually I get sad when I am leaving a prime number. However, this year, I am leaving 31. That means on my birthday 1/25 (or 5^3), I am turning 32 (or 2^5). I haven't been this excited since I turned 27!

Besides, after 32, nothing but good numbers for the next five years:

32: 2^5, Kevin McHale, Barkley with the 76ers

33: Larry Bird
34: Barkley with the Suns, the number I wore when I captained softball and basketball in high school, 17 * 2 (i love 17)
35: Backwards is 53, the number I wore my first three years of hoops
36: 6^2
37: Prime

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Mane the Mean said...

I am prime.