Sunday, January 08, 2006

Visiting with the Sister, Brother-in-Law, and Niece

I spent the day in New York with Jeff, Hannah, and Eve. Eve and I barely moved off the couch all day. I sat with Hannah a lot, and was so comfortable holding her, I fell asleep. It was such a great day.

At one point, we were all on the couch, watching football. I had my feet up, as Hannah was lying on me. Eve and Jeff started making fun of my socks, which are white with two blue stripes around the ankle. When pulled straight, they reach about four inches above my ankles. I asked what was wrong with my socks, and Jeff promptly responded, "Nothing....if you played for the Lakers in the Eighties." I laughed until the tears rolled.

Hannah is so cute. Holding her is such an amazing feeling. She is still too young to show much emotion, but I swear she was much happier when the Pats were on scoring drives. (Jeff is a Giants fan, but I think you can root for both of those teams, seeing as how they are in separate leagues. The whole Red Sox (Eve)/ Yankees (Jeff) thing makes me nervous, though! Hear that, Eve? =D

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Eve said...

hannah just told me she misses you and wants you to come back... i guess she likes you better than the couch:)