Monday, January 23, 2006

I heart classpaths/paths

Okay, quick whine here:

It took me about two hours to get Apache's XMLBeans up and running. First, I forgot that Sun uses Program Files as a default for installing the JDK (totally my fault...I should have switched to another, spaceless location). I therefore moved the JDK (it was puking on the space in "Program Files").

I then tried to run scomp. After mucking around with my paths some more, I came across a post in which I found that the script for scomp contained the wrong info. I needed to change
java -classpath %cp% org.apache.xmlbeans.impl.tool.SchemaCompiler %*
%JAVA_HOME%/bin/java -classpath %cp% org.apache.xmlbeans.impl.tool.SchemaCompiler %*

Okay, I was just griping because I was waiting for it to compile and couldn't bear to see any more errors. It worked! Yay. I've heard great things about XMLBeans so I'm pretty psyched to use it now that I have something to play with.

Anyway, I filed the bug with Apache, so hopefully the development team will be able to fix it for others (step to it, Yoav ;))


the write mom said...

What language is this blog written in? Don't sound like no English to me.

Ilana said...

=D Very cute, mom!!

steve said...


although we are using XMLBeans.

Yoav said...

Yeah right, I'm going to spend time on user-error-driven bugs ;) Just kidding. I'm not involved with the XML beans stuff. XStream ( rocks.