Thursday, January 05, 2006

Rose Bowl: Wow

Last night, Katie and I went out to watch the game, stopping first at Boston BeerWorks for dinner and some good peanut butter stout (no, it didn't taste like peanut butter for some reason). We then swung by Hurricane O'Reilly's, but it was empty. We therefore headed to the Fours, ranked by Sports Illustrated as the number one sports bar in America (I don't agree, but it is a fun, cozy place to watch a game).

After the first few minutes, the game really didn't seem like a meet-up between Numbers 1 and 2. It seemed like somebody had greased up the ball to the point where the players just couldn't hold on to it, like a greased pig catching contest or the greased-up deaf guy on Family Guy.

Then the game got good. Damn, did it get good. Katie had on a Texas cap and was rooting for the Longhorns. I was just rooting for all the handsome players =D (Hey, at least I'm honest.)

It's been a long, wonderful last few days of bowl games, and now it's over. At least we still have NFL playoffs, with the Pats in 'em. Then it's the drought until Spring Training, broken only by the minimal excitement of pitchers and catchers reporting. I'm just hoping the Sox have a team by then. Either that, or it looks like I'll be going doing to Fort Myers to play some first base for them. =)


Yoav said...

Mmm, if you were going to watch the game at a sports bar anyways, as opposed to your or a friend's home, you should have joined us at Sunset... ;)

Ilana said...

Sorry, Yoav. When I watch such games, I need to be sitting somewhere--preferably at the bar--where I am completely engrossed in the game. I yell and shout at the TV. Sunset is a little too subtle for that, and I'm sure y'all wouldn't be too thrilled with me sitting at the table screaming, "How the f*ck did you call that play?!?!?"

Next month, I promise =D

Steve said...

Jan. 27th is the start of the Arena Football season. That should keep you entertained up until baseball season starts since your still mad at the Hockey dudes.