Tuesday, January 31, 2006

January 28: Key West, Day 4: I am lazy

Whose idea was it to do Guinness, then margaritas, then beer??

Anyway, I went back to the Banana Cafe for a delish crepe. Tres bien. I then planted my hungover butt at the pool, where Miss Liz and Kaydub joined me.

After a couple of hours (and a couple of pina coladas--for medicinal purposes only of course), I went to take a walk and Liz took Kaydub to the airport. I grabbed one last key lime pie ice cream (yeah, I was disgusting on this trip), and walked to the Southernmost point and then to a craft fair. Liz met me, and we finished up some shopping and had lunch at an outstanding Mexican place.

One last night of sunset watching, and we went home for a night in before an 8:15am dive in Key Largo. After days of partying, we fell asleep to shows on the History channel about Apollo (Gene Kranz's "Failure is not an Option." It was awesome.) They followed this with a special about the Challenger, in honor of the twentieth anniversary of its loss. I can't believe it's been twenty years.

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elizabeth_k said...

The BEST Mexican place ever...good choice Ilana!