Monday, January 30, 2006

January 26: Key West, Day 2: I'm a model!

Liz and I woke up at a reasonable hour to head to the mythical free cruise. We got to Fury's offices at the appointed time (9:15). When we walked in, a girl asked, "Are you two models?" I responded, "Oh...we get that all the time!" I think I'm funny sometimes.

Well, turns out we were the models. We sat outside laughing our little butts off about our luck until 10am rolled around and it was time to board. On boarding, we met two other girls being "models." On the other side of the boat was a wholesome, all-American family with two sons and a daughter. They had food and drinks for us on board, but we had to do some photographs first. I was a "friend" with the other two girls, while Liz played a wife to someone. The friends got to pretend we were being handed snorkel gear. I had to smile madly at the man handing me the gear. It was kind of like being on a date with a guy who thinks he is very entertaining, but you find yourself quickly tuning him out and just sitting there smiling like a dope. Needless to say, I played my part effortlessly.

It was really windy on the water, so we didn't do any of the watersports. We did have a nice two-hour cruise. We disembarked, and headed to the hotel pool to lie out. On the way, we stopped to fill our Fat Tuesdays containers with libations. We spent a few hours at the pool, a couple on the beach, then headed back to the dock for a "Thank You" sunset cruise. They had good, tart margaritas. An excellent time.

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