Tuesday, January 17, 2006

"God is Mad at America!"

Talk about your science vs. religion....the mayor of New Orleans declared that God is, in fact, mad at these United States, and is showing his wrath by sending "hurricane after hurricane after hurricane." Can somebody please step up and show this guy the data on the twenty-year cycles of hurricane seasons?

I'd hate to see what he says about the coldness that God forces the North to endure every year. I bet the mayor believes He's really pissed at us. Maybe it's because unlike New Orleans--what he calls the "Chocolate City"--Boston is more Neopolitan or chocolate chip. Sometimes people are just plain silly.

Actually, y'all got it right...I'm just bitter because he spoke of a Chocolate City, making me believe there was a city conconcted from sugar and cocoa beans, when he really was just discussing race.

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Yoav said...

Ahh, yes, Ray Nagin, a model of intelligent thinking.