Monday, January 23, 2006

Sorry, Y'all

I was out enjoying the weekend too much to blog. =) Friday I spent with the fam'. I had a wonderful pizza dinner with EVE, my mom, and dad. Saturday, I went to the gym, then expected to go for a powerwalk, but mid-walk was informed by Liz that Ann Taylor was having a sale, so took a long and expensive detour to Fanueuil Hall =D. That evening, Katie and I went to Brown Sugar for some Thai food. It was excellent.

Sunday I met Yoav and Alli for a delish brunch at Tremont 647. After that, I felt a little tired and like I met get sick, so I cancelled plans to watch the AFC and NFC Championships at a bar. I stayed home instead, taking a jacuzzi during half time of the AFC Championship, and cleaning my place during the game itself.

This morning, my commmute sucked. It was snowing like there was no tomorrow, and not a plow was to be seen on the road. Luckily, I passed the time talking to Liz and my mom. I'll probably leave a bit early to work from home until a meeting at MIT with my sports management group tonight.

My life is just thrilling, ain't it?


Keith said...

Awww... I miss snow!!

Ilana said...

Here's yer snow! (grabs dirty snow from middle of lane on Route 128, throws in the general direction of LA)


Eve said...

you didn't mention that you had a wonderful birthday dinner of town spa pizza! how could you forget?!

Eve said...

and on a side note... i hate when you have to do the word verification on the bottom of the page and can't freakin read what they wrote... hey mit sdm'ers can't you solve this problem?!

Ilana said...

There, Evie, I fixed it for you! =D I think solving that problem is an excellent idea.

Mane the Mean said...

Why don't you work from home? I assume one could do most of the coding/compiling/testing at/from home as well as at the office