Monday, January 30, 2006

January 27: Key West, Night 3: I am a bouncer.

After the Sunset Celebration, we went back to Irish Kevin's. Unfortunately, they had the same exact singer telling the same exact jokes. We got irked and left to go meet the Navy guys and wife at the original Sloppy Joe's.

We weren't allowed in with drinks, so Liz and I stayed outside while our new friend (nicknamed Kaydub) went in to gather the troops. I was in a friendly-type mood, so struck up a conversation with the bouncer. He is usually the guitarist there, and was working the door for the first time ever.

Unfortunately for the bouncer, there were two doors. He'd have everything under control at one door, and someone would sneak in the other. It was actually pretty funny, but ya couldn't help but feel bad for the guy. At one point, he told one dude he couldn't go in with his drink. The guy said, "Okay," but when the bouncer went to the other door, the guy walked right in. I walked in afterward and said, "Excuse me, but I think the nice bouncer asked you to stay outside with your beverage." Okay, it doesn't seem funny right now, but it was very entertaining at the time...even rule-breaker-drink dude laughed.

Just before we were going to leave for the next bar, a guy walks by with a Red Sox cap. Key West had so many dang Pats and Sox fans, but I had to say, "Go Pats!" (yes, I know they're momentarily stopped), and "Go Sox!" to each one. Well, this guy decides to stop and chat. He agreed to look for us at the next location, the current Sloppy Joe's.

It is important to note at this point that MensaBoy had become the butt of all our jokes. We would raise our fists to heaven, drop in a 3-point stance, yell "You're a great American," and tap our hearts and heads rapidly. Eventually, we have our whole table--Navy folk, Soxboy, and friends--doing it.

Guess who else we saw doing it...yup, he was out on the dance floor, fist to heaven. It took a while to get across to everybody that they needed to stop making fun, especially to the Soxboy, who at 24 and drunk was ready to take on the big man. I seriously cannot put into words how very funny this all was to us. Anyway, those guys were back there, so we said some quick hellos and enjoyed the rest of the night on the dance floor.

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