Tuesday, January 31, 2006

January 29: Key West: Last Day: I am a Sox fan.

We left Key West early in the morning to go to Key Largo to enjoy Pennekamp. It was beautiful, and I was able to do some snorkeling (the seas were too rough for me to dive).

We asked a guy at the park where to go for lunch, and he recommended Hobo's. It was absolutely dive-y from the outside and adorable on the inside. Well, except that it was filled with pictures of sports figures, and we happened to be seated under Bucky F'in Dent's watchful eyes.

Being the nutty Boston fan that I am, I quickly covered the picture with those little mini menu papers they keep in the plastic things on the table. The waitress noticed and laughed. She asked if I wanted her to take it down. I told her it was okay, I was just kidding around. However, on returning from a trip to the ladies' room, I found she had removed the photo. Needless to say, she got a huge tip.


We then drove to the airport for our sad, sad flight back to Boston. The bright spot was that Corey was sweet enough to come get us. Thanks, Cors! And thanks, Liz, for a wonderful, wonderful vacation! Let's do it again. Want to leave tomorrow?


Mane the Mean said...

I have always understood that the sea is always calm beneath the immediate surface. So that wind would not prevent diving - if you are away from the coast, where the undertow will definitely make diving and snorkling impossible with any larger waves.

What have I missed?

Ilana said...

Getting to the dive site by boat when the swells vary at least 10 feet. Jumping into the water off the boat with all one's gear when the distance to the water varies from 4 feet to 14 feet in milliseconds.