Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Decision Made!

I have decided my new goal in life is to marry Jonathan Cheechoo.

Why? Three reasons:
1. He plays for the Sharks, and I love sharks.
2. He's from Moose Factory, Ontario. I love moose.
3. His last name is "Cheechoo." Can you beat that?? "Hi, I'm Ilana Cheechoo."

Aside from my new-found life goal, I--like many--found Joe Thonton's cheap shot on Hal Gill absolutely disgusting. If you're going to beat on a former teammate, at least do it in such a way that he can see you coming, and not with a stick to his back.

1 comment:

Yoav said...

So it's actually accurate to say Johnny is a product of the Moose Factory?