Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Jim Rice Doesn't Make the Hall & SDM

Like most everyone in Boston (except the media, I guess), I am disappointed that Jim Rice did not make the Hall of Fame on his best chance. Next year will find Mark McGwire and others on the ballot.

I remember watching Rice as a kid. I always remember him as a second baseman. Of cousre he never played second base, but I did. I therefore must have decided at some point that he switched to outfield as a favor to his coach or something. Ah, the sweet imaginations of youth.

In other news, I went over to the SDM offices tonight. Yoav and Sam were both there. Sam was working on some chemistry stuff for school, but Yoav took me around to meet many of the 07's. I'm actually pretty impressed, even more so than I expected.

They were all out testing their lego mindstorms robots. The robots must navigate an obstacle course and must be completely autonomous. There seemed to be good collaboration among the teams, and I was very impressed with the machines they were testing. I'm going to go to the competition tomorrow after my morning class. Should be a good time, though nothing could beat the Smoking Man robot that Yoav, P-Wheel, John Wang, Cenkhen and I created for the contest last year. =D

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Yoav said...

No, no one had a theme as cool as ours. Moreover, no one figured out how to make their robot play music, resorting instead to laptop-played music ;(

But yes, the '06ers (not '07s, although perhaps you're being prescient) are a great bunch.