Wednesday, January 11, 2006

It finally happened....

This being a Wednesday night and all, I headed out to the Warren Tavern. When I got there, bouncer J was standing outside talking to one of the former bouncer boys. I said hi to both of them, and told J to stop scaring folks away. I then reached for the door. He told me to hold on, searched in his pocket, pulled out a key, locked the door, and said, "We're closed." I laughed, he opened the door back up, and I headed in.

I saw Gregg the bartender and waved, then did a once-through to see who was there. Here is what finally happened: I KNEW NO ONE. Shannon, one of the waitresses, passed by, and I asked if she had seen anyone. She responded that none of the regulars were there. I turned to walk out.

On my way out, I heard Gregg call my name and saw that he was holding up my drink. Who am I to turn down a raspberry Stoli and soda? I thanked him and started sipping at it, thinking that I used to walk into bars in Atlanta by myself all the time. Unfortunately, the only game on TV was a meaningless NHL matchup, and I quickly grew bored. I put the drink down, said some good-byes, then left to take a walk around the neighborhood.

Dudes...I knew *no one* at the Tavern. What is this world coming to? I'll let you know later, after I go back and try again. =)

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Yoav said...

Perhaps you should start hanging out on (and even move to?) our side of the river ;)