Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Excited for Today

I am really excited for my day today. It started off with an excellent workout at the gym, including 35 minutes of cardio (YOAV). It continues with the High-Tech Entrepreneurship class from 10-12. Jack Gill, the instructor, already knows my name after one class. I was pretty impressed. Then again, sometimes I guess it's an advantage when only 10% of a class is women.

This afternoon I will go to SDM to watch their robot contest. I will then try to make all the newbies go to the Muddy for beer. Corruption begins early, I tells ya. ;)


Anonymous said...

That robot contest sounds cool! Is that open for any yahoo to go to or just MIT students and staff?

Ilana said...

This contest is actually only open to the new students in my program. MIT has a class in which there is a robotic competition at the end. I'm not sure if there are any public contests. Anybody else know the answer to this one? Having competed last year, I can say that they certainly are fun.

Yoav said...

There are a bunch of similar public contests. Some are for students, some for companies, some more serious and some less. I did the IEEE Micromouse contest (google for it) as an undergraduate. There is now a corporate version which tends to have very fancy robots.

The other place to check out is the robotics institute at CMU, headed by "Red" Whittaker, one of foremost researchers in this area. Their site always has competition listings, notices, invitations, etc.