Saturday, December 10, 2005

Think you had a bad day?

Read this. It's about a wrongly convicted man getting out of prison after 25 years. His attitude upon release is pretty darn remarkable.

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Ilana said...

Thanks for your note. I think that any bringing of the Simpsons into a class can do nothing but good. Which episode are you going to watch? Personally, I don't know enough about violent video games to be able to write about it intelligently. The most violent I know is when the pitfall guy gets eaten by an alligator. =D

Dan Pep said...
That's an amazing article about that Clark guy. My students are doing a unit about the Constitution/American government...and we're bringing back an old segment called Ask Uncle Leo. We're going to have an email correspondence with my 92 year-old great-Uncle Leo, a former NJ judge. One of our questions for him has to do with the "no double jeopardy" part of the 5th Amendment. What happens if someone is found "not guilty" and then a videotape of the murder is found after the trial? What happens if the defendant (like OJ) confesses after being found "not guilty?" Pretty soon my 8th graders will be having a debate on whether there should be more government regulation of violent video games. What do you think? We're going to watch a related Simpsons episode, download/play the game Blood Bath (to see how it desensitizes kids to violence), and read articles on landmark 1st Amendment cases, recent relevant bills, and the Columbine Massacre (the killers played the videogame Postal and ended their murder spree the way players end the game).