Tuesday, December 20, 2005


For those wondering about Eve's comment from yesterday's post, here is an Evie story:

As many of you know, Eve is due soon (Wednesday!). Her doctor recommended to her that she take some castor oil, as it can help speed the process. Eve asked, "But isn't that for cars??" She had been thinking of Castrol oil. When she asked the doctor if she had heard that a lot, her doctor responded, "Nope. That's the first time." Eve was very surprised. =)

I love you, Evie!


Eve said...

Oh, Eve, the smart sister...wait, hold on, I think MIT is calling...

Anonymous said...

Hi Ilana, did she take the castor oil or not?
I was going to do that too, luckily I did not have to!


ilana said...

Yes, and she had a natural labor two days labor, but she does not think that it helped. You're lucky not to have taken it! =)

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness!!
she is a brave woman, i was in labor for almost 20 hours & it felt like months!
ps: i am glad that i can post on your blog now!
ps2: how is Dan? ;)