Thursday, December 01, 2005

Extended study break: Warren Tavern (for a change)

Last night I went to Warren Tavern for a "quick study break" around 8:00pm. I was actually not planning on drinking at all, but the bar was crowded and Gregg handed me my usual drink before I could order. Sigh...peer pressure =)

I hung out with some of the usual suspects: Brie and John were both there. I also saw Danny, who I hadn't seen in quite some time. He got married! Yay! Congratulations, Danny!

I also got to meet Shannon's sister Erin, brother Ryan, and his girlfriend Kaitlyn who had just moved to town that day. We had a great time talking, laughing, and cheering on Justin. We stayed until the bar closed, then joined up with more folks to head to Sully's before Justin could make any more Michael Flatley comparisons to certain people's dancing (not mine).

We stayed at Sully's until it closed, and about 6 people took off for the Green Dragon, but I headed home to get some sleep. I had a great time. Thanks, everybody!

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