Sunday, December 04, 2005

Bad Blogger!

Oops, just realized I haven't blogged for a bit. Here's a quick review:

Software engineering was great as usual. The topic was teams in software engineering, particularly problem developers. I have (un)fortunately had a lot of experience with this area. Good discussion, including differences between male and female communication styles.

Software business was good as well. All of the teams presented their final projects. There were a lot of interesting ideas. Of course, I enjoyed my team's topic of Web 2.0 the most =). Thanks to Yoav, Robbie, and Dharmesh for a great project!

After class, a bunch of us ventured over to the Muddy for a couple of pitchers of beer. From there several folks went to Alex's for poker, but I went home to meet Katie for a night out on the town. We were unable to meet up with Ed and his sidekick Underwear boy, as they went out on Landsdowne Street (a.k.a. Illegal ID Row). We stayed at the Green Dragon with Andrew, Brie, Bob,, Andrew's friend from college, and some friends of Bob's. Michael Flatley made a guest appearance in his stumble back to Charlestown.

Yesterday, I got all bundled up to walk down to Filene's, but was too cold once I got outside, and turned back. When it gets cold enough to prevent me from shoe shopping....well, then it's just getting too damn cold.

Later, I went to John's to help move him to a new apartment with Paul's help. Most of the moving was done by when I got there, but I certainly did an excellent job cheering them on (like Peyton Manning in that commercial..."Cut that meat! Cut that meat!...and it's FULL!")

We went for dinner then to the Asgard to watch some college football. We left in the middle of the Va Tech/FSU game to head back to the Cambridge Beerworks. FSU ended up winning. I was happy because Georgia won, as did Matt Leinart for USC...sigh....

Now a day of doing homework, cheering on the Pats, and watching the snow.

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