Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Basketball and Tech

Last night I played basketball with the usual suspects (Yoav, Robbie, Sam, Deming, Paul B, John Wang, and the addition of a tough young kid Yoav nicknamed "Red" for his red shirt. For some reason, I think they were all trying to get back at me for a year of elbows. I found myself on the ground three times, and being thrown out of bounds about four. I remember thinking to myself, "At least they're treating me like an equal, and not going easy because I'm a girl!" =D

Afterwards, Paul B left us to spend time with his fam, and the rest of us went for burritos/teriyaki at the student center. We hung out there for a while, then walked to the parking lot. It was freezing out!

I couldn't warm up through the car ride or when I got home, so I started drawing a bath (with water, not a pen, smartasses). I also popped a thermometer (aka "temperature thingy") in my temp was 96.7 degrees! Does this make me cold-blooded?

Today I'm back at work. I'm excited about my projects. I'm using Ruby on Rails for one project, and the eXist XML database for another. Yay!!


Yoav said...

It's nice to use new technologies ;) Fun and excitement all around...

Mane the Mean said...

Those technologies do indeed look rather promising.

Maybe I will have a change to use them in some project in which I am the chief system architect. But then, why should I care about the implementation tools so much.

Good to get to know of them, though. Thanks.