Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I have a doctor's appointment to get a shot to finish out the suite of vaccinations required by MIT. I was just swapping stories with John, who was telling me about when his son had to get a blood test and tried to run away once they reached the hospital. As "payment" for his son getting the bloog test, John owed his son and daughter ice cream, a movie, and a round of mini golf.

Here was my story:
I really hate needles, and refused to go to the doctor to get a flu shot. My parents insisted that I get one. Finally, they got a friend of the family to come over and administer the shot at home. Of course, I hid.

My mom yelled up the stairs, "Ilana, come down and get your flu shot. You're 26 years old!"

And--all credit to Dr. D, who told me who was going to go on 3 but went on 2--I barely felt it at all. I've been much better about shots ever since. =D


Cybersam said...

Says who that we need shots for MIT? For matriculated students, yes. But not for continuing students.

Ilana said...

We needed to get them for last year. One of the shots required two boosters, and this was my last one.