Sunday, December 11, 2005

Thanks, Dharmesh and Kirsten!

Last night, Robbie, Yoav, Alli, and I went to Dharmesh's house for dinner. I had spent several hours struggling with my blinds (see post below), taking a quick break to make brownies to bring. Such is the life of a single person: from drill to stove, with a stop at the sink for some hand-washing.

Dinner was excellent. Dharmesh and his wife Kirsten brought in Indian food and had lots of delicious wine to go with it. The food was great, but the conversation was even better. We had a tour of part of the house and got to see some of Kirsten's painting, which was excellent.

All in all, a great night. To make things even better, we got something new to tease Yoav about, after he was an hour late from over-sleeping on a nap. Be sure to ask him about it. =D

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Alli said...

Argh, this blog is so pink! I can't take it!!!

That's funny that you mention hand-washing, which is an integral part of my weekends.