Friday, December 16, 2005

Randal and Yankees

Yesterday afternoon, we had our final basketball game. It was the usual suspects, minus Robbie and plus Krishna and Spiros.

Last night, Randal took the Apprenticeship from Donald Trump. Yay! For a while, I was in the auditorium with the other MIT fans, with Matt L, Sam, Dave, and his sister. After Paul B and Karen arrived around 9:45, we left to go to the Thirsty Ear so we could multi-task: watch and drink! Oh, and do karaoke.

Paul and I did a wonderful rendition of "I've Got Friends in Low Places," then Karen and Paul did "Shiny Happy People" with excellent accompanying dancing by Paul. Later, Christian, Dave, Matt, and Sam arrived from the Apprentice party to join the fun. I did one more number, "500 Miles" with Dave, Matt, and Will. After that, I was wiped out and left to go sleep.

This morning, I did some work and tried to get Yankees-Sox tix at Yankee stadium. This is the first time I have ever tried to get Sox-Yanks tickets the day they went on sale and failed. I'm pretty bummed. I was online, ready to go at 10am when they were on sale, but all Sox tix were sold out. Bummer.

Now I am in System Architecture for our last class. Yay!

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