Friday, December 09, 2005

Last Friday of Class

Today was our last full Friday of classes. Software engineering was good. I started to get very sad as I was realizing I was sitting between Yoav and Robbie. Neither of them will be here next term, Yoav graduating and Robbie back in North Carolina. But it wasn't just to Robbie was Deming and further down was Paul B.. Both of them are still in the program, but leaving Boston to return to their companies. So sad. The lecture was good, all about Professor Leveson's research in Safety.

Instead of going to System Architecture, I went to hear Jeffrey Baxter speak about countterrorism. He was the lead guitarist for the Doobie Brothers and is now an expert in counter terrorism. I really liked his message and will blog my notes later. He inspired me in terms of a thesis topic, and I spoke to him after his talk to see if I could contact him for help. He liked my ideas, and told me to get his information from the head of TPP, as he didn't have a card. Yay! Anyway, more about that later in my notes.

Last was Business of Software. There were two presentations. I was not at all impressed with the first one; they did not seem prepared. The second was Robbie and Dharmesh. They did an excellent talk on entrepreneurship. Very impressive.

Afterwards, Paul B., John Haj, and I went out for Chinese food. Normally we go out for beer, but I needed to drive home so was in no mood for drinking (and neither were they, I guess =)). Dinner was good and conversation was very funny. Afterwards, they walked me to my car and helped shovel and scrape it out (okay, they did it. I helped.) I then drove them home, dropping them off before following two plows back to Charlestown.

Thanks sooooo much, guys. Paul and John--I owe you both dinner. You read it here! It's in writing now =D

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