Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Insomnia Again

I had insomnia again last night. I went to bed at 10:30 and did not fall asleep until around 2am. It strikes me as very strange that something I have done no less than 11,620 times should remain a challenge.

I can recall only four nights that I stayed up all night on purpose:
1. The first night of Spring Break my Senior year of college was the first. I could not travel that year because I was captaining the softball team. Vicky, who was captaining tennis, Josephine, Eric, Ryan, Felix, and I went up to Loon mountain later in the week. The first night there, we drove the Kancamagus, stopping for a snowball fight, and looking for moose after dark. We got back to the house and played cards until all the guys and Josephine conked out. Vicky and I stayed up and drove to a river where we took a polar bear dip.

2. My sophomore year of college I had an appointment to see if I had a stress fracture (turns out I did and still do). The appointment was at 7am, which meant I would have to leave my dorm around 6:30am. Why should I sleep? I used to go to bed between 2:30-3:30 anyway. So my roommate Melissa and I stayed up all night. Yes, we were geniuses.

3. Sophomore year again. After having spent three months studying in France, Melissa (again) and I were about to begin our three months of backpacking. She was starting out in Northern France, and I was starting in Israel. My flight was at 6:15am. I could not afford to take a cab to the airport, and the trains did not start running until 5am. I stayed in the airport and did not sleep all night. (As a side note, I checked my luggage into one of those locker services so I would not have to worry about it. Guess what time it opened back up for the day? Yup, 6am. I got my luggage and barely made my flight).

4. Out of college, still acting sophomorically. This was in 2003, just before I moved to Boston. I was out in Vegas with Grant, Dan, Tara, Grant's then girlfriend, Tara's then boyfriend, Tonja, and Steve. Grant, Dan, and I decided to stay up all night to catch a 7am flight. We spent it sitting at a $1 blackjack table. Too much fun.


Yoav said...

It's interesting that captaining is formally acceptable as a transitive verb, while architecting is not.

Ilana said...

Absolutely!!! I guess building teams is more active than building architectures ;)