Thursday, December 01, 2005

New Show on Discovery Channel

I stayed in tonight to do some work, forgoing Girls' Night Out to dinner. I got a bunch done, then turned on the TV to see what my buddy TiVo had found for me.

My TiVo loves to pick up random shows on the Discovery and History channels (it's based on what shows the owner records, watches, and gives thumbs up or down to). Most often the Discovery/History shows are centered on engineering, natural mysteries, or sharks and other wildlife. Today it picked up "I Shouldn't be Alive" on the Discovery channel.

A ship is wrecked at sea. Five people survive that wreck, but only two are left five days later when they are rescued by a Russion tanker. Two of the survivors guzzle sea water and go mad. One then jumps off the boat and begins swimming toward what he sees to be land. I didn't realize ocean water would drive a person mad; I thought it was just dehydrating. Even the shock of jumping in the seawater didn't bring them to their senses.

This was a very well done show. Just the right mix of personal stories, photos of sharks, and explanations of the workings of the human body. A few too many blood and gore shots for me, but I am a wuss about that stuff. I really liked it, would recommend it, and have gotten a season pass through my TiVo.


FreeThinker said...

Everybody I know who has TIVO raves about it!

If I watched TV, I'd get it ...

Ilana said...

I didn't used to watch much TV either. I didn't even have cable. Then I got the TiVo... it just makes TV so much more enjoyable.

So, if you don't want to start watching TV (but doing so efficiently), stay away from the TiVo!

Davidi Mom said...

We watched this show too. Really good wasn't it.