Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Plane lands safely in Boston

A plane that circled Boston for two hours has landed safely. It was pretty incredible to watch--not because anything really happened on the landing, but just because it was so easy to imagine oneself on the plane.

Thanks, Mom, for the heads-up on the situation.


Keith said...

We had something like that happen at LAX a few months ago -- the front landing gear wheels were turned sideways, so they circled around L.A. for a few hours to burn off fuel before attempting landing.

I talked to one of the people on the plane (someone I know in the industry I work in) and he said one of the worst parts about it was that they were on a JetBlue plane, so they were able to watch news coverage of their own flight and see all these pundits and talking heads try to guess what would happen when the plane finally tried to land.

Ilana said...

Oh, god! That's just awful! I actually originally had posted in this article that the reporting anchor sounded a little disappointed when they actually landed safely. It's amazing how the news networks can terrify us (because, as we have learned previously on this blog, news is a business. ;) )